Queen Victoria (1819–1901)

Date: c.1900

Medium: Oil on canvas

Measurements: H 240 x W 146 cm (E)

Artist: James Sant

Work type: Painting

Acquisition method: purchased by public subscription, 1901

In 1901 the City Council decided to purchase a portrait of the late Queen to be hung in the Guildhall. The artist eventually chosen, J. Sant, (the caption on the picture is in error) agreed to sell this picture for the sum of 300 guineas, it being the original form in which he had made several copies.

The portrait was unveiled with much ceremony and celebration in the Lower Hall on 5th November 1901 by Lady Mary Lygon and originally bore the legend: Queen Victoria This portrait was acquired by the subscriptions of the Citizens of Worcester in grateful memory of a good Queen 1901. J.A. Steward, Mayor’.

Location: Guildhall Second Floor – Assembly Room