Samuel Southall (1858–1931)

Date: 1931

Medium: Oil on canvas

Measurements: H 92.5 x W 76 cm

Artist: Walter Chamberlain Urwick

Work type: Painting

Acquisition method: unknown acquisition method

Trained as a solicitor under the tuition of his father, Thomas, Samuel Southall succeeded him as Town Clerk in 1881, serving the City in that capacity for 50 years. He quickly established a reputation for diligence, humor, and determination in his approach to work.

The post of Town Clerk was part-time, and extra payments were often made for services considered exceptional, usually, such rewards were refused by Samuel Southall and when overruled by the Council, he shared the payment amongst those who worked for him.

He became Mayor in 1921-1922, a year which was marked by his work for the unemployed and by the entertainment of all 8,000 City school children. As a mark of the esteem with which he was regarded, he was made a Freeman of the City in 1924. Plans were underway in 1931 for an event to celebrate his 50 years of service, but he died before they came to fruition.

Location: Guildhall First Floor – Staircase