Robert Howorth

Date: 1767

Medium: Oil on canvas

Measurements: H 135 x W 99 cm

Artist: J. Wright (active 18th C)

Work type: Painting

Acquisition method: unknown acquisition method

Robert Howorth was first mentioned on the Corporation as a member of ‘the 48’ (the lower house or body of the Corporation, not having the powers of the upper body ‘the 24’) in May 1745, he was appointed as one of the teams of City Surveyors from August 1746 to 1747 inclusive. He resigned from ‘the 48’ on 1st December 1755 and was nominated for the office of Swordbearer, being formally elected as such on 30th August 1756, a condition is that he had to pay his predecessor, James Duppa, 10/- (10 shillings) every Friday night for life.

There were benefits associated with the appointment – the Swordbearer received a sum of money for every newly registered Freeman and a halfpenny for every salmon sold at the Fish Market. Robert died on 2nd December 1767 – while going about his business he dropped down in an Apoplectic Fit (stroke or seizure) and died within two hours.

Location: Guildhall First Floor – Staircase