Christopher Henry Hebb (1772–1861)

Date: 1862

Medium: Oil on canvas

Measurements: H 250 x W 144 cm (E)

Artist: Solomon Cole

Work type: Painting

Acquisition method: unknown acquisition method

Christopher Henry Hebb was born in London on 22 January 1772. He was admitted as a member of the Royal College of Surgeons in 1794, and for many years practiced the art of healing in this City.

He was first elected Mayor, under the Municipal Reform Act, and served the office for two succeeding years. Throughout his long and virtuous career, he manifested great independence. He was benevolent, upright, and of unsullied honor.

He died in Worcester on the 26 October 1861 aged 89 years. By his will, he left nearly £8,000 to useful and educational objects, of which the greatest part was requested to the Municipal and other charities of his adopted City.

Location: Guildhall Ground Floor – Lower Hall